Clearance of Munitions and Explosives

of Concern, Andersen AFB

RELYANT provided all labor, equipment and materials to perform clearance of surface and subsurface Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) in support of upgrades to the fuel pipeline from Sasa Valley Fuel Farm to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Utilizing Mag and Dig methodology, RELYANT excavated in a single phase via trench layers to meet full clearance of MEC ahead of construction to construction depth or bedrock. The excavated material was removed and sifted in 6-inch layers for clearance down to the 20mm target of interest. The construction footprint included the pipeline, bell holes, HDD drilling sending and receiving pits, unforeseen utilities, and road interruptions. In total, RELYANT cleared 41,548 LF and 23,501 CY.


In addition to MEC clearance, RELYANT performed vegetation clearance, excavation backfill and surface grading as required for paving and installation of permanent fencing. Over 23,198 work hours were logged with zero lost-time incidents.   All work was complete in accordance with current Joint Region Marianas (JRM) Explosive Safety Submission, Amendment 6 and NAVSEA OP 5 Chapter 14, CNO Exemption E1-16, DoD Instruction 4140.62, Title 29 CFR 1910, 1926 & 1960 OSHA: EM 385-1-1. RELYANT completed this work 11 weeks ahead of schedule on an only 5 month period of performance.

MMR & Environmental Projects

UXO Clearance for Range 314 C at Marine

Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA

RELYANT performed Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) removal action in support of the Range 314 C Infantry Squad Defense Project located on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (MCBCP). RELYANT provided the manpower, key personnel and specialized equipment necessary to complete 43 acres of UXO clearance as well as providing vegetation clearance and disposal and recycling services of all UXO found.


Clearance was performed in a Phase I, Phase II approach utilizing mag and dig. Phase I cleared from ground surface to two feet below ground surface (BGS) while Phase II cleared from two feet to four feet BGS. Schonstedt 52Cx analog metal detectors were used for the subsurface clearance. RELYANT located and removed a total of 13,980 lbs. of UXO material that was certified and verified as Material Documented as Safe (MDAS) and transported to a local California recycler for final disposition. RELYANT also located 99 UXO items that were disposed of by detonation, certified and verified as MDAS.

RELYANT is currently performing UXO clearances and scrap removal services at Fort McCoy, WI. Work under this contract includes the provision of all labor, transportation, equipment, materials, supervision, and all other items or services necessary to clear land of UXO at the site. This clearance effort aids in the expansion of safe training areas available for military training programs on site. RELYANT provides surface and subsurface operational range clearance services to include explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), range scrap and residue inspection, certification, removal, and disposal efforts in accordance with all local and Federal regulations.

IDIQ SATOC for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Clearance Services at Fort McCoy, WI

As one of the only companies fully licensed and accredited by UNMACCA to provide full Military Munitions Response in Afghanistan, RELYANT was a Prime IDIQ contractor for MEC Removal Action to support USACE, AFCEC HERC, and NATO MilCon construction programmes.  The project involved the site assessment and clearance of over 40,000,000 square meters of land contaminated with MEC (rockets and artillery projectiles [up to 120mm]), mortars, grenades, aerial bombs, and improved conventional munitions (aerial bomblets).  Clearance depths were to 1 meter below ground surface with a quality standard of removal of all items with a minimum measurement of 23mm for the major diameter.


The project design and scope included the life cycle processes for MEC removal design, assessment, analysis, stakeholder involvement, document submittal, work plans, site operations, site closeout, and final reporting.  RELYANT developed all USACE-approved Work Plans to include SSHP, APP and AHAs consistent with the DIDs and EM 385-1-1.

RELYANT teams performed sequenced tasks and completed 33 clearance related task orders totaling $6.6M with zero non-compliances, and finished each on, or ahead of, schedule, within budget, and with zero accidents or change orders.

Mine Action/Humanitarian Support in Southern

and Western Afghanistan IDIQ MATOC



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