Expeditionary Support

Global Development

Life Support Services

The engineering and construction of permanent and temporary life support systems is another RELYANT service area. Our life support services team routinely operates in remote and austere environments providing residential facilities, dining and kitchen facilities, shower and toilet facilities, first aid stations and more. Our full staff of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and construction specialists have the skill and experience to complete any type of life support related project.

Manpower Services

RELYANT provides global human resource solutions that fully support socioeconomic growth and development.Additionally, we combine extremely competent and capable program management with culturally indigenous professionals to provide proficient/experienced local skilled manpower in hostile work environments like Iraq, Afghanistan, and north and central Africa.Our project management teams have been formally trained in their field and are experienced in the operational environment in which they are responsible.  Likewise, having worked around the world and in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, our staff has developed experience-based protocols to ensure all local national manpower services comply with local and national regulations as well as strictly adhere to Coalition Authority directives.

Vehicle and Fleet Maintenance

We have the capability to service and maintain vehicle fleets in the thousands.  Our highly-trained mechanics and maintenance support teams are equipped to provide vehicle repairs in a professional and timely manner.

RELYANT operates globally and currently holds the largest vehicle maintenance contract in Iraq.  Our staff of over 300 trained mechanics and journeymen in the Al-Anbar Province maintains the Iraqi Police vehicle fleet in that province.  This includes 2,000 vehicles and over 50,000 scheduled maintenance tasks over the course of the contract.

RELYANT is a certified service provider for Polaris repairs, parts, and warranty work.

Supplies and Services

RELYANT delivers superior value to its customers by maintaining a keen awareness of logistics and procurement trends and conditions. Customer service and support is central to RELYANT’s logistics and procurement offerings.

Information Services

RELYANT holds several Department of Defense contracts to provide information services for Psychological Operations throughout the Middle East, disseminating client information through various types of media outlets such as Radio Information Area Broadcasting (RIAB), commercial billboard construction, human intelligence collection, media monitoring, and printing services.

Security Management

RELYANT offers a wide range of manpower, K-9 and technology security services around the world. Our extensive global experience, combined with a successful track record of providing static security services, means our team can offer our clients the highest quality security solutions available.

Energy Solutions

RELYANT provides a critical “force multiplier” and “risk mitigation” tool for the US Defense and NATO forward deployed assets in Afghanistan with spray foam insulation for canvas tents and other soft skin facilities. RELYANT has invested heavily in personnel, equipment and materials for implementing and sustaining the Afghanistan Spray Foam Project (ASIP) for our client’s challenges with a holistic approach to critical mission support. This investment is in theater to fully support the commanders on the ground with adhering to the requirements to reduce the use of fuel for cooling and heating facilities.


We bring additional value and exceptional cost control to our clients through our totally integrated logistics and procurement services. The RELYANT Logistics Department utilizes its significant purchasing power to ensure the optimum combination of quality materials at the best possible prices. Since we buy direct from the manufacturers, we can provide our clients with preferred pricing, service and the best delivery timing.

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