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Life Support Services

Manpower Services

The engineering and construction of permanent and temporary life support systems is another RELYANT service area. Our life support services team routinely operates in remote and austere environments providing residential facilities, dining and kitchen facilities, shower and toilet facilities, first aid stations and more. Our full staff of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and construction specialists have the skill and experience to complete any type of life support related project.

RELYANT provides global human resource solutions that fully support socioeconomic growth and development.Additionally, we combine extremely competent and capable program management with culturally indigenous professionals to provide proficient/experienced local skilled manpower in hostile work environments like Iraq, Afghanistan, and north and central Africa.Our project management teams have been formally trained in their field and are experienced in the operational environment in which they are responsible.  Likewise, having worked around the world and in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, our staff has developed experience-based protocols to ensure all local national manpower services comply with local and national regulations as well as strictly adhere to Coalition Authority directives.


    RELYANT has worked with a number of private and government organizations providing human resource solutions in the supply of skilled and unskilled local national labor.  Currently RELYANT has ongoing or completed contracts with Joint Contracting Command Iraq-Afghanistan, Gulf Region Division US Army Corps of Engineers, Tetra Tech, SOC SMG, Northrop Grumman, Huntsville Division US Army Corps of Engineers, Project and Contracting Office (PCO), Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq (MNSTC-I) and Multi-National Forces-Iraq.


    RELYANT delivers life support services to governments and commercial customers that grow local economies and improve the quality of life for people and communities around the world.

    Life Support

    • HVAC Services

    • Emergency Fire Protection

    • Fuel (CFE only)

    • Morale, Welfare & Recreation

    • Vector Control

    • Transportation Services (Shift Changes)

    Operationally, RELYANT has numerous Life Support Areas (LSAs) around the world.  Our life support operations have supported up to 2,000 personnel each and every day.


    The type of life support services provided at typical sites is as follows:RELYANT Life Support


    • Dining Facility Operation

    • Electrical Services (Power Generation Units)

    • Facility Maintenance Equipment & Staff

    • CHUs Laundry Service Equipment

    • Personal Sanitation (Ablution Units)

    • Potable & Non-Potable Water Supply


    Recently, RELYANT was responsible for building 11 life support areas, which included full custom-designed portable living and office trailers, full generator/power capacity, DFAC, ablution units, and MWR areas.  The project included life support areas supporting 1,500-2,000 personnel.  RELYANT has a full staff of engineers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and unskilled laborers to complete any type of construction-related project.

    Parts Services

    RELYANT has parts procurement tracking and shipping processes that can provide repair parts to each RELYANT facility in less than 7 days.  Our logistical supply chain ensures that more than $1,500,000 per month in parts successfully arrives where needed and to date has been 100 percent accountable.

Vehicle and Fleet Maintenance

We have the capability to service and maintain vehicle fleets in the thousands.  Our highly-trained mechanics and maintenance support teams are equipped to provide vehicle repairs in a professional and timely manner.

RELYANT operates globally and currently holds the largest vehicle maintenance contract in Iraq.  Our staff of over 300 trained mechanics and journeymen in the Al-Anbar Province maintains the Iraqi Police vehicle fleet in that province.  This includes 2,000 vehicles and over 50,000 scheduled maintenance tasks over the course of the contract.

RELYANT is a certified service provider for Polaris repairs, parts, and warranty work.

Information Services

Security Management

Energy Solutions


Supplies and Services

RELYANT holds several Department of Defense contracts to provide information services for Psychological Operations throughout the Middle East, disseminating client information through various types of media outlets such as Radio Information Area Broadcasting (RIAB), commercial billboard construction, human intelligence collection, media monitoring, and printing services.

RELYANT offers a wide range of manpower, K-9 and technology security services around the world. Our extensive global experience, combined with a successful track record of providing static security services, means our team can offer our clients the highest quality security solutions available.

RELYANT provides a critical “force multiplier” and “risk mitigation” tool for the US Defense and NATO forward deployed assets in Afghanistan with spray foam insulation for canvas tents and other soft skin facilities. RELYANT has invested heavily in personnel, equipment and materials for implementing and sustaining the Afghanistan Spray Foam Project (ASIP) for our client’s challenges with a holistic approach to critical mission support. This investment is in theater to fully support the commanders on the ground with adhering to the requirements to reduce the use of fuel for cooling and heating facilities.

We bring additional value and exceptional cost control to our clients through our totally integrated logistics and procurement services. The RELYANT Logistics Department utilizes its significant purchasing power to insure the optimum combination of quality materials at the best possible prices. Since we buy direct from the manufacturers, we can provide our clients with preferred pricing, service and the best delivery timing.

RELYANT delivers superior value to its customers by maintaining a keen awareness of logistics and procurement trends and conditions. Customer service and support is central to RELYANT’s logistics and procurement offerings.


    Complete Flexibility

    Our logistics and procurement department plays an integral part in the delivery of all RELYANT’s service offerings. Our flexible approach means we are well-positioned to maximize and exploit every existing opportunity to deliver the right equipment, assets and services needed to successfully complete every project on time and on budget.

    Integrated Logistics and Procurement Solutions

    RELYANT’s integrated logistics and procurement solutions are driven by our procurement-lead approach. The result with this approach is the realization of substantial cost savings and the assurance of having all project materials and assets available to meet completion commitments. We do all of this while effectively managing the risk associated with global solutions.


    Delivering Customer Value

    The RELYANT logistics and procurement approach provides the following value to our customers:


    • Cost savings through smarter procurement; by purchasing directly from the manufacturers, we are able to get our clients the best products at the best possible prices.

    • Global supply chain network with knowledge of suppliers in local and emerging economies.

    • Reduced costs and reduced risks associated with sourcing from new territories – e.g. emerging markets.

    • Coordination of the transaction at every stage in the project – ensuring quality and lead times are achieved.

    • Local market requirements – including customs clearance and compliance management.


    Customer Focus

    Driven from top management down through every level of RELYANT is a team focus on keeping clients in every aspect of our services.


    At RELYANT we set our own standard that is measured by the satisfaction of each and every client we serve. Our dynamic team understands the need to deliver our clients’ projects on time and on budget, every time. It is this understanding that drives us to make your project a success.


    Proven Value

    Spray foam insulation has proven over time to successfully reduce the need for fuel to run A/C and heating systems for cooling and heating facilities at the forward deployed area. It has shown a greater increase in the comfort of troops by maintaining consistent living and working environments. The GAO and Department of Defense have tasked the forward deployed commanders to implement power conservation and reduce the need for fuel usage in non-combat activities. The key is a robust supply chain.

    Technology Facts

    Spray Foam:


    • Is a chemical application applied to tents and other soft skin facilities for insulation and UV protection that reduces the fuel consumption needs by 75% to 90%.

    • Is a Force Multiplier.

    • Reduces the risk to the supply chain.

    • Is an innovative and cost effective power saving solution.

    • Reduces the power consumption to heat and cool structures in war fighter infrastructure applications.

    • Reduces fuel consumption in theater while increasing soldier comfort and integrity of buildings or tent.

    • Adds insulation to tents and other soft skin structures, such as DFAC, maintenance facilities, command TOCs, and medical and lodging tents reducing the fuel to run A/C.


    RELYANT is contracted in Afghanistan under the ASIP contract vehicle to provide spray foam insulations in RC South and RC North. We have developed a robust supply chain that allows for delivery of product within 30 to 45 days cradle to grave. RELYANT uses only a US Army Environmental approved GACO Western Polyfoam System 193 that contains non-ozone depleting chemicals to spray foam millions of square feet of canvas and thin skin facilities.


    RELYANT has forward positioned our spray foam “fly away” kits that contain all necessary tools to conduct spray foam operations. All that is needed for immediate mobilization is moving additional trained personnel and consumable materials. RELYANT can quickly scale up current assets within the country to meet your needs. Our spray foam capability is perfectly suited to supporting LOGCAP IV and other contingency contract vehicles.


    RELYANT offers a wide range of manpower, K-9 and technology security services around the world. Our extensive global experience, combined with a successful track record of providing static security services, means our team can offer our clients the highest quality security solutions available.

    Proven Success

    Our risk mitigation process focuses aggressively on intelligence gathering and analysis, which contributes to our proven success in training Third Country National and Local National personnel to extremely high standards of readiness, professionalism and teamwork.


    RELYANT has a thorough understanding of all aspects of staffing and maintaining top level teams including personnel recruitment, vetting, hiring, basic training, weapons training, and mobilization. RELYANT’s rigorous standards in both recruitment and training ensure that we retain only the highest quality personnel.

    Security Technology

    RELYANT maintains the highest-quality and most technologically advanced equipment needed to ensure that our personnel and clients remain safe and operative in harsh environments.  We have the necessary Security Plans and Standard Operating Procedures in place to effectively operate in all environments.

    K-9 Capabilities

    With explosives being the ‘weapon of choice’ for many insurgents, RELYANT has developed a full canine capability. RELYANT’s familiarity and outstanding expertise in munitions, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and explosives provides an added level of security not delivered by most companies.

    Our broad experience in K-9 field security includes kennel master operations, which ensures that RELYANT adequately addresses all K-9 requirements by understanding the capabilities and limitations of each animal.


    RELYANT has successfully mobilized several projects under significant time pressures – in as little as 15 days – to full-mission capability. We have never failed to meet a mobilization date. RELYANT’s process includes assigning a small senior level transition team to each significant mobilization.


    We have provided security services for a number of groups, including, the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville and Gulf Region Division, Buckmaster Depot, and ten mobile ammunition sites; for MNSTC-I at Al Asad and Camp Fallujah. Additionally, RELYANT provides IT and Logistics Convoy Security for MNSTC-I/A. Our security-related experience in Iraq also includes the high-threat areas of Mosul, Fallujah, Sadr City, Haditha, Bayji, Tikrit, Kirkuk, and Habbaniyah, as well as multiple locations in Africa and Afghanistan.


    Our field-proven encounters with insurgents and IEDs have given us the highest level of relevant experience, demonstrated expertise and training credentials to execute our contracts professionally, cost effectively, and with maximum safety and security for all personnel involved.

    RELYANT’s existing infrastructure, extensive experience, available highly-skilled personnel, and proven technology make it unnecessary for RELYANT to be supported by any subcontractors to execute security projects, which enhances accountability and lowers cost.


    RELYANT and its teaming partners provide information services in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Our experienced high security personnel have the ability to operate around the world, delivering critical mission information services support no matter when or where.

    IT Communications Services

    RELYANT’s experienced IT team provides large-scale IT network/system installation, design, operation and maintenance. We have an exceptionally comprehensive background in IT equipment installation and project management in third world nations for both the US and foreign governments.


    RELYANT and its teaming partner personnel provide solutions for NOC/TOC design/development/installation and O&M (to include multi-level expansion), VSAT, Tactical Communications and fiber networks including tools, security appliances, and management. Our highly technical and professional IT staff provides fiber network design, procurement, installation, and user training worldwide.

    An Array of Services

    In addition to NOC/TOC design/installation/operation, the RELYANT team has the experience and capability to provide the following services:


    • Telecommunications Logistics Support and Maintenance

    • Telecommunications Network Administration

    • Server and User Administration

    • Voice Communications

    • Information Assurance/COMSEC

    • Telecommunications Engineering Support/Consultation


    RELYANT and its partners provide total IT solutions, develop IT applications, and design and manage professional web sites, portals and interactive communities. We also offer full NOC server systems, VTC, VoIP, network and end-user PC solutions.

    • Wireless Network at Iraqi Military Bases

    • IT/HVAC/Power Equipment

    • Information Technology Training

    • Property Control Technical Training

    • Systems Expansion/Technology Refresh

    • Website, Portal & Interactive Community

    Needs-Based Solutions

    Our professional team listens to our clients’ needs and then utilizes the best new technologies to build significantly tailored solutions to meet their requirements, helping them to secure a technological edge in an ever-changing global IT industry. We rely on the success of our solutions as a measure of our own success.


    Along with our partners, we have assisted numerous organizations in the development and implementation of their Internet strategies.

    Our Information Technology team is prepared to offer strategic solutions designed to meet the client’s needs across a wide range of sectors: government, semi-government, non-profit, businesses and others.

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