Global Development Projects

Vehicle Maintenance, Various Locations

and Clients, Afghanistan

RELYANT currently supports various USG and commercial clients across Afghanistan in the performance of a full range of vehicle maintenance support and services, to include all certified technicians and management necessary to maintain fleets of soft skinned, armored, and non-tactical vehicles. From our established maintenance facility and warehouse at Bagram Airfield, RELYANT provides certified full-time mechanics, parts, tools and equipment required to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on all makes and models of vehicles, supporting over 11 locations throughout Afghanistan.



Operations and Maintenance Services at

Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP)

RELYANT provided Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to facilities and equipment at the Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP) at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Our team provided services to the Government including routine servicing and maintenance of generator and HVAC equipment, as well as electrical and plumbing support to all buildings on site. RELYANT also completed minor construction jobs under this contract, such as the installation of doors, windows, etc. RELYANT provided skilled personnel to complete all levels of O&M work successfully and effectively within the determined period of performance, utilizing our extensive network of local and international suppliers.

TCN Escorts at Forward Operating

Base Sharana, Afghanistan

RELYANT provided the service of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) to act as escorts to support Local Nationals (LNs) performing construction and other services at FOB Sharana, Afghanistan. Escort duties included ensuring that LNs traveled only from the Entry Control Point to their place of duty, that LNs did not enter secure areas, and that LNs were not collecting intelligence data. Escorts were also responsible for the vehicles assigned to them. RELYANT staff escorted the LNs daily from 0800 – 2000.

Radio Infrastructure & DJ

Services at multiple Locations

RELYANT, as prime contractor, utilized a blend of professional US Expatriate IT professionals and Local National skilled labor to provide WAN systems integration/installation, operation and maintenance, of over 17 communication and area information broadcasting centers throughout Kandahar, Zabul, and Uruzgan provinces.  Further, RELYANT provided the operation of specialized IT equipment and materials, network design engineering, special programming, connectivity, maintenance, and cable repair splicing or replacement, and organic VSAT set up, configuration and operation. These services also required minor construction, pulling cable, drops, fiber optic runs, and integration with existing network systems.  RELYANT further provided extensive logistical support to various locations in Kandahar, Zabul, and Uruzgan Provinces for the forward deployment of specialized equipment, materials, and personnel for task execution.  In so doing, RELYANT organically provided installation teams with full life support and security to ensure mission / task installation and commissioning success. RELYANT further provides effective specific task quality control and management services that ensure operational connectivity is compliant.


RELYANT then performed the follow-on task execution, providing all personnel and management to operate, maintain and create programming for FM radio stations on Coalition Forces (CF) FOBs. Programming included messages provided by CF representatives as well as religious programs, news and current events, music, story boards, live listener call ins, pre-recorded and live interviews and listener requests. All programmers were required to possess a firm understanding of Afghan culture, politics, religion, demographics and history.  This enabled RELYANT radio staffing to act as a liaison between the Task Force Fire & Effects Control Center Cell (FECC), BDE and BN Information Operations (IO), the Tactical PSYOP Detachment (TPD) and the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).

AFCAP III Oman & Afghanistan Personnel

Under an MSA with CH2M, in support of the Air Force Civil Augmentation Program (AFCAP) III federal contract, RELYANT provided twelve (12) US Nationals to fill various job positions at Thumrait Air Base, Oman and Forward Operating Base Sharana, Afghanistan. These positions included Construction Management and field services, Customer Service Specialists, Coordinators, CAD Operators, Material Control Technicians, and other support roles.   Although 18 positions were originally considered, RELYANT worked with our client to determine which positions were most beneficial to provide base operation support functions based on contract requirements and budget constraints.  Our personnel’s knowledge of the Department of Defense’s goals for the Middle East, our experience working and travelling in the environment, and our implementation of other similar projects have led to successful project execution.  RELYANT’s personnel met or exceeded all job description qualification and experience requirements.  In addition, our management professionals ensured that augmented staff met all Air Force Security Requirements, attended necessary overseas training, and successfully underwent background checks and medical screenings within a three week mobilization period. RELYANT provided complete supporting documentation of these objectives to the client.

Al-Anbar Province Vehicle Maintenance,

Al Asad Air Base, Fallujah, Iraq

RELYANT performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, 24/7 emergency response maintenance, and Local National Automotive Technology Training for Iraq’s MOI fleet vehicles and mechanic trainees in the Al Anbar region. The supported vehicle fleet was the largest Fleet Vehicle maintenance operation to date and included over 2,500 vehicles that required routine and extensive maintenance. Vehicle maintenance and training was successfully provided to IPS, IHP, DBE, POE forces in support of the MOI mission at Al-Asad Air Base, Fallujah, and dispersed units at Al Waleed, Trebil, Al Qa'im, Rawa, Rutbah, Baghdadi, Hit, Haditha, Anah and Habbaniyah Districts.


Our teams provided a wide variety of maintenance tasks to include routine maintenance, un-scheduled maintenance, intermediate maintenance, and corrective maintenance.  As mission success in Iraq depends on professional project management and the fluid interaction of many operational components, our logistic support team and mature supply chain management operations provided parts either on demand or bench stock re-supply.  RELYANT maintained multiple parts warehouses in Iraq that stocked numerous parts for a variety of vehicle makes and models.   Furthermore, our organic convoy and PSD teams dedicated to this contract executed over 234 missions with 100% operational success, with 100% cargo accountability (PARTS, Tools/Equipment/ POL), 100% Coalition and local authority security operation compliance, and 0% loss of life.

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